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"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold." 
~~ Aristotle

This week we are continuing to study fractions and multiplication strategies in Math.  The students will take the Unit 5 math assessment on Tuesday, Feb. 13.  We will review on Friday and Monday before the test.  Monday the students will have a review packet they can look at for homework.  

We began our next unit in Journey's on Tuesday.  We read "Tops and Bottoms", a trickster tale.  Students will be learning about homophones in our spelling lesson and we will be looking at quotation marks and we will review past, present, and future tense.   Spelling homework began on Tuesday night.  Students should complete FOUR spelling assignments from their spelling menu.  The spelling test will be on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

We are working hard on our inventions PBL project.  Students are studying inventors and inventions that affect their daily lives.  They are enjoying the researc…